On July 7, 2007, after his senior year of high school in Herndon, Virginia, Brian was in a motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. The horrific, left-brain injury made it highly unlikely that Brian would survive, let alone ever walk or talk again. After years of intensive physical, speech and occupational therapy, Brian not only survived, but he now has regained the ability to walk and participate in nearly every aspect of life.

The exception is that Brian's left-brain injury resulted in the loss of use of his right hand, which--prior to his accident--he used to draw and paint. But Brian's determination to live and thrive also allows him to continue creating the art he loves. His commitment to his craft is evidenced by his learning to paint once again--with his left hand. 

While all of the art you see within these pages was created after Brian's accident, Seven Gallery will feature art from many local artists. We hope you are inspired.

"Art is the one thing that will always be part of my life, regardless of my circumstances."  -Brian Menish